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You’re a breath of fresh air.

Simply put, you absolutely love what you do. Your passion drives you to take things further than you ever thought you could, and it shows. You’re all at once surprised by life and expectant of the impossible. When you get excited about something, everyone around you also gets stoked. You focus on opportunities available in this grand world, but you’re also able to hone in on what’s important and to take a leap if need be. Your enthusiasm is infectious, inspiring everyone around you to work harder. You’re devoted, and you derive pure joy from every moment spent doing what you do best.

You have an excellent sense of creativity and are continually waking with a renewed sense of purpose and amazing ideas. You couple this with a warm personality to be a great friend and partner. This is incredible and should be used to build a career you truly enjoy.

Your Power Words

You know the importance of a work/life balance too, so, make sure to compensate for all the blood, sweat, and tears.

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