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You’re the possible in impossible.

Who says you always have to play by the rules? You think outside the box to get results, and you aren’t afraid to take chances. You find the greatest rewards come from going places others don’t even dare to dream (without actually breaking any laws, of course!), and you aren’t dissuaded by others saying you can’t do something. How will you know unless you try, right? Putting yourself out there is one of life’s greatest thrills, and the feeling of success that comes from trying something new is incomparable. You know how to bring people together around a common goal, put all the pieces in place, and achieve remarkable things.

Overall, you are excited to innovate and move forward into a bright future. You are solid, and others look to you when things get dicey. Good on you! You are wise and extend advice that pushes your peers to take risks!

Your Power Words

You know the importance of a work/life balance too, so, make sure to compensate for all the blood, sweat, and tears.

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